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Sexy shoes and boots, from 5 inch to 7 1/2 inch sky high heels to patent leather thigh high boots. We stock a wide variety of fantasy footware. Be assured that we only carry the highest quality lines, newest trends and timeless styles.
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Flip-05 Sandals w/Skulls *NEW*

Flip-05 Sandals w/Skulls *NEW* NEW!! Double strap sandals with skull and cross bones on outer edges of sandals and on top of foot straps. Heel height: 2 1/2. Color as shown in black PU w/skull studs. Sizes: 6-12.
Glittery MaryJane

Glittery MaryJane 4
Candy 28

Candy 28 6 1/2

Lip-125 5
Betty Shoes *NEW*

Betty Shoes *NEW* NEW!! 3 1/2
Bliss Pump Shoe

Bliss Pump Shoe 4 1/4
Pace-02 Star Sandals *NEW*

Pace-02 Star Sandals *NEW* NEW!! Slip on sandals with star studs on top of foot straps. Curved front of shoe. Heel height: 4 1/2
Vogue-39 Ribbon Tie Shoes *NEW*

Vogue-39 Ribbon Tie Shoes *NEW* NEW!! 5 inch stiletto heel shoes with 3/4 inch platforms. 
Satin ribbons criss cross and tie on leg. Sizes: 5-10.
Bliss-30 with Lace

Bliss-30 with Lace 4 1/4

Sweet-401 5 1/2
Chic-02 Shoes *NEW*

Chic-02 Shoes *NEW* NEW!! 4 1/2 inch stiletto heel with 1/4 inch platform shoes with rhinestone accented buckles. 
Colors: black satin/black (shown) or black patent/clear (clear platform). Sizes: 5-10.
Chic-14 Tie Ribbon Shoes *NEW*

Chic-14 Tie Ribbon Shoes *NEW* NEW!! 4 1/2 inch stiletto heel with 1/4 inch platform shoes with satin tie. 
Colors: red satin/clear, black satin/clear or white satin/clear. Sizes: 5-10.
Chic-25 Shoes *NEW*

Chic-25 Shoes *NEW* NEW!! 4 1/2 inch stiletto heel with 1/4 inch platform shoes with clear top 
with decorative bow, and buckle ankle.

Bliss-38 4 1/4
Gogo-300 Fur Top

Gogo-300 Fur Top 3
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